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Check Anchor Text in Backlinks

If you’re a webmaster interested in making money online, then there’s no need to preach to you the financial benefits of doing SEO. One of the most rewarding – yet most time consuming – tasks for a webmaster is link building. And the most effective way to get SEO benefits from link building is by getting one way links with relevant anchor text pointing to your site instead of the traditional method of acquiring links that say click here or a company name.

anchor text backlink checkSo, if the goal of your SEO is to rank better for wedding dresses, it’s more beneficial to get links to a webpage that say wedding dress (or wedding dresses, actually) than simply having links that say Alfred Angelo.

As a way to help webmasters evaluate their current standing with respect to link building and anchor text success, happily offers a free backlink anchor text tool from The tool below will show you the anchor text of links pointing to your site, but it’s also a great way to check what anchor text your competition is using in its backlinks, too.

Become a more knowledgeable SEO and get a handle on what your competitors are doing by typing in their site and checking out their backlinks below.

Anchor Text Analysis

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Note* Results may vary if prefixed with www.

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