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4 Tips to Powerful Email Marketing

by Diana Lee Thomasemail marketing tips

The Internet can instantly connect us to hundreds or even thousands of people everyday. In fact, its potential as a powerful marketing platform had just been too glaring to ignore in our generation. But while it’s something that we’ve all gotten used to by now, some marketers have not yet been able to maximize the full capabilities of what a well-placed digital marketing strategy can accomplish for them and their businesses. Especially, email marketing.

The good thing, though, is that email marketing has been much easier to adapt to your existing strategies nowadays. There are also lots of helpful tips in the web, like the ones you’ll find in the ActiveTrails blog, which will also give you an idea why their services have been key elements to many successful digital marketing campaigns today. In that regard, here are four useful tips of our own on how you can start creating your own impactful email marketing strategy.

Keep up with industry updates and track your progress

A study in 2015 indicated that around 55% of emails get opened on mobile applications. It’s important to take numbers like this into account in order for you to easily adjust your campaign to the convenience of your clients. It also gives you an idea why an email marketing tool is invaluable, since it gives you access to real-time data and stats that will allow you to make timely adjustments in your strategic approach.

Take advantage of an email’s multi-platform capabilities

Based on the data above, it’s essential for marketers to setup a mobile friendly content for the majority of their clients. Though, at the same time, you would also like to give PC users the same type of luxury in accessing your documents. Catering to both will give you a higher chance of connecting to your targets, while also setting you up for more accurate campaigns and promotions later on. Additionally, emails are actually very easy to share, which is why many email marketing strategies take advantage of referral programs. Finally, you can also use your emails to drive traffic to your website and social media pages.

Personalize your emails whenever possible

Try to personalize your content to match holidays and events that could be relevant to your clients. Inject personalized recommendations into marketing emails to add the ultimate value to your emails. You can even use your website’s data in order to navigate your recommendations closer to what your client is searching for in your website.

Automate post-purchase emails

This is usually an underappreciated capability of emails. But sending your warm wishes and assurance to your clients can easily go along way in your relationship with them. You may even consider giving them surveys after the transaction so they can really feel that you care about how they feel. An email marketing campaign is one of the best investments you can make for your business. It offers a lot of potential, not just today, but more so in the future when a digital transactions is expected to be a much bigger and convenient means of completing deals and driving engagement.

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