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2 Unique Internet Marketing Ideas For Hotels

Below are three unique marketing ideas I’ve heard about from the hotels industry. I’m going to briefly recap them, give a relevant example if I have one, and provide any additional marketing insight I might have on the concept.

Microsites Targeting Specific Demographics Of Customers

Each customer is different – even if they share a lot of the same characteristics. Different customers have different needs. Hotels and resorts have realized this for a long time, but commonly business travelers and leisure travelers are where the differences are drawn up. At a series of hotels owned by the same franchisee, however, the line is being drawn in a different fashion. Its not just business or leisure travelers that have different needs – men and women travelers have different needs, too.

At three hotels throughout the Southeast:

have decided the time has come to consider the needs of businesswomen.

To do that, they have developed an amenity package specifically designed to appeal to businesswomen. The hotels provide robes, bath sheets, and curling irons in their rooms, and guests are encouraged to promptly notify the front desk if any of these items are missing.

This business travel practice gave me an idea – why not make a travel microsite that caters specifically to your target audience? For example, each of these hotels could have a microsite made that caters specifically to business women traveling to the area. In addition to pinpointing specific perks each hotel offers women, the site could also include an events calendar with notices of ladies night events at local nightclubs, special offers from area spas and salons, and information on area fitness clubs that offer programs like Zumba classes.

Cater the information on the website to women traveling to your area, and also offer them the opportunity to book their stay at your establishment.

Offer Special Discounts And Incentives To Specific Online Retailers

Several years ago, I learned about a cross-promotion hotel package built by the Ritz-Carlton and Mercedes-Benz – and I think this could work online, too.

I’m paraphrasing/summarizing here, but the basic concept of a special hotel discount for a specific online retailer would work something like this:

  • Potential guest buys product X, Y, and/or Z (for the sake of an example, let’s say 3 articles of essential rock climbing equipment from
  • Following checkout and during all follow-up emails regarding the purchase, potential hotel guest is offered a special promo code to book a stay at your hotel (say, in Colorado Springs – home of Pike’s Peak) for a reduced rate.

The genius in this marketing campaign isn’t really for the retailer itself – it’s for you (although this might only work for a chain or a franchise). There is a very high likelihood that the demographic of customers buying rock climbing equipment from REI would be interested in booking a trip to Colorado Springs to conquer Pike’s Peak. Large online retailers often have TONS of behavioral data on their customers because of today’s analytics tools, and you can reap the benefits of potential new customers who have recently purchased products indicating they are interested in visiting a destination near your hotel.

Now, all of this is assuming that the online retailer has a sophisticated web analytics platform and a proper follow up system in place to deliver your message to potential guests. However, this campaign should be a productive program for increasing leisure travel room night sales.

Would love to hear your feedback on any of these marketing ideas for hotels. Has your hotel tried any of these concepts? How did they perform? What unique ideas have you heard about for hotels?

Please share in the comments below.

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