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How Bing’s Chances Improve Following Windows 8 Launch

Google’s dominance in the search market has remained largely unchallenged for as long as most web users can remember. Major rivals have fallen by the wayside, causing most seo’s to orbit around the quirks and facilities of a single engine.

However, with the launch of Windows 8 at the end of October, along with the impending arrival of Windows Phone 8, it is possible to conceive of a time when Microsoft’s Bing takes control of a bigger chunk of the world of search. This would bring with it strategic changes to seo and a whole new set of concerns and opportunities for webmasters.

One of the main reasons that Windows 8 could help to encourage more people to use Bing, is that this is not only the default search provider for the platform, but is also baked into the new Start Screen interface.

The image-drenched Live Tile for Bing allows you to search the web from a Windows 8 laptop, PC or tablet, without having to launch the web browser first. This means that it is relatively simple to start using Bing as soon as you upgrade to Windows 8, or get access to it, after you buy a new device which comes with it preloaded.

Microsoft does not want to lock users into services which they do not like, so it is possible to remove Bing from the Start Screen and choose to use Google instead. But the question is whether or not people will bother to do this, or whether they are happy using any search engine, irrespective of its branding, as long as it delivers the results they desire.

One thing which might play into the hands of Bing in its Windows 8 iteration is the social network integration that it offers, since combining searching with Facebook interactions is something that might appeal to at least a small proportion of the billion or so people who have accounts with this site.

If even a small proportion of Zuckerberg’s minions are converted to using Bing, then it could seriously boost the market share of Microsoft’s search engine and leave Google looking a little sheepish.

Bing is ingrained in a number of the other apps and services which come as part of Windows 8, from the maps to the image and new features. In many instances, average users may not realise that they are even using Bing rather than Google, because those who are less tech literate are also probably not fussed about which brand they use.

Microsoft’s expansion in the mobile space with the new Windows Phone 8 operating system will also help to propagate Bing’s usage. With more and more mobile searches being made each day and smartphones becoming the go-to web browsing tool for hundreds of millions of people, it makes sense that Bing would want to put its stamp on this market.

Those in the SEO industry might find it hard to see the bigger picture after being bogged down in a Google-dominated world for so long. But looking to rising rivals is necessary, if you want to stay on top of the game.

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