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How to Put a Text Link on Your Home Page Only

Hot girl adding link to home page only.

If you are selling advertising, you may have some customers that desire to have a post only shown on your home page.  This is more common today since sitewide links have become so unpopular after the Google Penguin update.

In a previous post, we had given instructions on how to put a link on just the home page of a site, but here’s actually an easier way to do it.

I’m assuming you are using WordPress since almost everybody is.

Add the plugin: PHP Code for Posts

Then, add this code to your sidebar text widget –>

<?php if(is_home() && $post==$posts[0] && !is_paged()) { ?> The great thing about  <a href=”” target=”blank”>text message marketing</a> is that you can reach customers when they are most likely to buy. <?php } ?>


Of course, you need to remove the appropriate text and replace it with your own.  But, if you’d like to just keep it as is and give me a link to my text message marketing site, I’ll reciprocate with a link back to your site from another one of mine.  Just let me know at sales at .

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