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Best of the Web Discount Code 2012 — CLICKZ15

Best of the Web Discount<

This girl wisely used CLICKZ15 for a 15% discount off of her Best of The Web listing. That's enough to buy a muffin a day for a year.



Webmasters can save 15% off of their purchases at Best of the Web with our discount promo code, CLICKZ15.

It seems as though everybody has been hit by the Google Penguin update.  It has devastated many small businesses.

So, more and more, website owners are seeking out new places to build links.  Reliable places where the links won’t look spammy and will carry link juice that is highly trusted.

One such place is Best of the Web.  You can visit Best of the Web and get a link that will help you pound the penguin back into submission.

And, for a limited time here in 2012, you can get a 15% discount on any Best of the Web listing.  Click on the link here in this article and enter discount code CLICKZ15 for your 15% discount.


15% Discount Promo Code — Best of the Web (

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