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50% off Best of the Web – Monday November 28, 2011 Only

Thanksgiving BOTW discount promo code

You can get 50% off at the Best of the Web directory on Monday, November 28, 2011 only.

Best of the Web is one of the oldest directories on the web and is one of the few that still carries significant SEO value.  That’s why this is such a bargain.  I’ve seen Best of the Web give 15% or even 25% discounts before, but never do  I recall it giving a whopping 50% discount!

So, on Cyber Monday, click here and you will get this 50% offer from our Get Clickz site. Use STUFFED50 when you go to checkout and you will get the discount.

A discount promo code from Best of the Web.  It’s something that any web site owner will be thankful for.

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