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Jerry Seinfeld Joins Twitter

Jerry Seinfeld/>[/caption]

“Going to Maine today to pick up kid from camp. Why did Nazis call it Concentration Camp? So misleading in so many ways.”

You have just read one of Jerry Seinfeld’s first Tweets.  Seinfeld has confirmed that he is now part of the Twitter universe with his new account @SeinTime.

According to one of his first five tweets, @SeinTime is a nickname given to him by comedian Chris Rock.

It looks like Jerry has got off to a pretty quick start.  Not surprising.  Seinfeld has 151,925 followers already.  He’s almost passed his buddy Chris Rock in less than two days; Rock has 163, 342.

While you are following Jerry Seinfeld, please throw me a bone by following @BobBentz as well.  I’m not saying I have the same credentials as Seinfeld, but I have some pretty funny material on Twitter as well.

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