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Do You Google Yourself?

by Bob Bentz

I admit it.

I admit it.

Come on.  Admit it.  We all do it.

So, how often do you do it?

3% admit to doing it regularly and 74% admit to doing it “once or twice.”  Yeah, right.

I admit.  I do it…a lot.

According to a study by Microsoft, 42% of Americans google themselves.  Or, should I say “bing themselves?”

That’s slightly less than a 2008 Pew study which showed that 47% of Americans google themselves.  That was more than double the 22% that googled themselves in 2003.  I guess we are all getting more vain.

But, we don’t google ourselves as much as some foreigners.  While the Pew study showed 42% of Americans do a self ego search, 56% of the French do and 59% of Germans do.  Only 36% of Brits google themselves.

If you are going on a date this weekend with a new potential beau, chances are that she’s already googled you.  Googling a new date, known as “doogling,” is common.  In fact, 43% of Americans admit to googling an upcoming new date.

Googling yourself is going to happen so you may as well accept it.  There have been plays written about it.  There have been poems written about it.  You can even buy a t-shirt that admits it to the world.

I’ve already admitted that I do it a lot.  It makes sense that I do it a lot.  Of the 10% of Americans that market themselves online, a whopping 68% admit to a self guided ego search.

Googling Self Study of My Name

For the past seven days, I’ve googled myself exactly at midnight.  (Hey that’s when the Olympic figure skating or curling seems to come on.)

In the seven days that I’ve googled myself, it was amazing how many different web sites turned up in the search engine results.  In fact, five different sites occupied the number one spot in the google myself search.

Fantasy Baseball Dugout interview

SMS Text News personal profile

All Affiliate Programs touting my mobile marketing site

Advanced Telecom Services selling my book

World Telemedia promoting my speaking

The first day, when the interview concerning the baseball blog appeared, that story from a German web site was just five days old.  Interestingly, it never appeared again over the rest of the week.  The second and third web sites above held that primary position for two days each.

Of the sites in the top ten, one that appeared every day was not about me.  I don’t have a very common name, but this guy is a professor at East Carolina University so I’m sure he’s a lot smarter than I am.

Five of the sites that appeared were in the top ten all seven days.  This included my corporate web site and my Linked In and Twitter accounts.  Two sites that appeared each day were article marketing sites, Ezine Articles and Adotas, where I have had some of my articles published.

Three days out of the seven, my Google profile appeared at the bottom of the page, but surprisingly not every day.

You would expect that my profile on SEO Moz would be popular.  It appeared in five of the seven days.

I guess those guys know a thing or two about getting listed on the first page of Google.

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